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Growth Technology is a full-service digital experience company focused on offering powerful and innovative software development and engineering services.

We put you up to speed

Our aim is to empower enterprises by accelerating their adoption of leading technologies and vanguard innovations so that they can remain focused on their business and their clients in the current competitive environment.

We take charge

Our people will collect your requirements and orchestrate the entire delivery process, from concept ideation to product delivery, whether you are looking to develop a web app or an enterprise-wide software.

Tech wizards at your service

Our specialties include the internet of things, artificial intelligence, and big data mining and analytics. Our in-depth mastery of current technologies, coupled with our market experience, allows us to offer digital solutions to drive enterprise competitively, productivity and security.


This is some of what we do

Our close-knit team consists of skilled data scientists, whiz technology professionals, and ace design artists. We use industry-leading technologies to complete projects of any size and intricacy.

IoT & intelligent automation

We facilitate the transition to the new social paradigm where semi-autonomous machines help positively regulate the living environment.

Artificial intelligence & machine learning

With our advanced AI and ML solutions, we superboost your mobile or web app user experience.

Mobile & web app development

We develop deeply customizable, high-security mobile and web apps with superior scalability and cross-device compatibility.

Enterprise software development

Our experts have vast experience dealing with a variety of industries. We will meet your business needs while ensuring your data integrity and safety.

User interface & user experience design

Our interface architects use a clear, Agile design process and make sure your requirements are timely met while maintaining product simplicity, intuitive navigation,  and engaging designs.

Advanced systems integration 

Our system integration services will ensure that interactions between diverse platforms are easy and seamless.

Quality assurance audit & testing

Get our professionals to thoroughly and comprehensively test and audit your software for UI and functionality issues, using a multi-stage auditing process.

IT & software consultancy

Our team of development and design experts will help you minimize your business bottlenecks and suggest  new technology solutions to boost your efficiency and competitiveness.

Electrical planning services

We offer our electrical and smart automation planning services for all kinds of projects, including residential, and commercial premises.

Cybersecurity & privacy services

We protect our clients’ systems from private data leaks and reduce the risks of malicious attacks by identifying vulnerabilities, and ensuring compliance with security requirements.

Data mining and analytics

We devise critical BI and data analytics systems that help your business unlock the full potential of your data and expand your informed decision-making capabilities.

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Homegrown talents*

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Why partner with us

Why partner with us

Daily operations to us is not just work; we take pride in the solutions we deliver and strive to offer the best deliverables to digitally superpower your business. At GT, we are result oriented, and we push ourselves to achieve excellence with every sweat we break.  We’re total nitpicks, and we’re not satisfied until projects meet our own personal high standards.

We work with


Come work with us

Perks of working at GT

1. Collegiality and Chummy Work Environment

Here you will work with select minds, wizards of their own craft! If your prospective colleague’s savviness and skill isn’t impressive enough, wait till you see the co-active and agreeable work environment. It’s not all fun though, we value and reward productivity, and we stand to ensure that work ethics are the order of the day, every day..

2. Fresh Offices and Smashing Location

GT’s offices are a stone-throw away from Beirut and Jounieh. Our Dbayeh office is located in the Al-Mabani Tower, with scenic views of the Mediterranean from one side and the lush, villa-dotted hills from the other. The cozy office is easily accessible whether you commute independently or use public transportation. Malls, coffee shops, and yummy restaurants are a walking distance away. Curious? Pass by for a cup of coffee! 

3. Advantageous Salary and Continuous Learning

At Growth Technology, we acknowledge that the salary and personal growth are key work motivators. We recompense professional experience and a job well done, with well-deserved pay and personal advancement opportunities. In this competitive age, we cannot stand still; we help you to grow, so we can grow together.

4. You Matter!

We believe in you. GT is a place of cooperation and interchanging ideas. We encourage sharing ideas, continuous personal development, and we value your thoughts and input. Great ideas leading to a better work results are rewarded.

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    Our offices

    The sun never sets on GT. Our ‘worlds-apart’ offices in sunny Las Vegas and in the lush hills north of Beirut exemplify the strength of our teamwork.

    Las Vegas Office
    8890 Spanish Ridge Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89148
    Tel: +1 702 866 0053

    Lebanon Office
    Al-Mabani Tower, 3rd floor, Dbayeh Highway, Lebanon
    Tel: +961 4 402 465